Who are we and why should you choose CoinFly?

CoinFly is the first all-in-one crypto mining system, created by miners and for miners and designed specifically for mining optimization. We’ve developed it to ensure that mining cryptocurrency is as easy as turning on your new smartphone!
We’re making mining simple and honest — join the club!

Our Benefits

  • Maximum Profit

    The highest possible income — always: in the Top Profit mode, the system is constantly monitoring the market all by itself selecting the most profitable cryptocurrency available, while our data storage units located on all the continents decrease dispersion losses sharply.


    Full Control

    Equipment monitoring and control is as convenient and detailed as possible.

  • • Security

    Mining with us is absolutely safe: our entire ecosystem meets the highest cybersecurity standards. It serves no purpose to hack it since we do not store your assets.

  • Transparency

    Our statistics are always transparent, available around the clock, and you can get full access from anywhere in the world.

  • Super Easiness

    It’s easy to start mining in a few clicks — all the necessary settings are done automatically, but you can configure everything yourself if needed.

  • Automated Income

    Your profits storage, conversion, and withdrawal is as simple as it can be: just choose the cryptocurrency you need, and everything will be done proactively.

  • Closeness

    Our mining pools are distributed all over the world so you will never get a high ping.

  • Freedom of Choice

    If it is more convenient for you to join other pools you need we have already provided for that.

  • Plain Exchange

    Exchange any coin for any other: our system is integrated with the major crypto exchanges.

  • Flexibility

    If you need the enhanced capabilities, just switch over to the advanced settings mode.

  • Nuanced Tracking

    The accountancy in our system allows working with multiple accounts.

CoinFly does comply with the highest cybersecurity standards, and you will face no risk, no scam, and no cheating. What is more, you can mine with us absolutely anonymously: in case you don’t want to highlight your activities just specify your wallet number, and get your profit directly.
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