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Graphic card and ASIC mining comparison

Over the past years, mining has been developing rapidly around the world. Users who do not understand the principles of electronic payment systems, blockchain, mining equipment begin to engage in mining. At the same time, the question always arises before each beginning miner: “How to mine?” Today, you can mine both with the help of video cards for computer games, and with the help of special miners — ASICs. In this post we will focus on the pros and cons of mining farms and ASICs.

Graphic card and ASIC mining comparison

Firstly, assembling a farm based on GPU graphics cards and repairing them does not present any particular difficulty. Another thing is working with ASICs, which are a factory farm for finding a specific cryptocurrency. Their independent repair, adjustment is problematic, therefore, more costly.

The second feature of mining with the help of ASIC miners is that they are locked in mining only a certain cryptocurrency. Often, the number of cryptocurrencies for mining is one-two-three. At the same time, only one cryptocurrency provides the highest efficiency. When farming on video cards — you can independently switch to mining the cryptocurrency that is currently less competitive and most profitable.

The third feature of mining using asics is their self-sufficiency. Having invested money in the miner, you must repay the invested money. Those who mined on video cards can partially exit the mining market simply by selling existing video cards in the secondary market to gamers. Where will you sell the purchased ASIC? — only to miners. Miners will be ready to buy it only with growth in the cryptocurrency market, that is, when you are unlikely to sell them.

The advantages of farms are obvious:

  • Video cards are always on sale. Well, or almost always. I went in, bought, set — go!
  • In the next two to three years they will be in demand, so they can be sold to gamers.
  • For the same year or three, a guarantee is given that makes it easy to replace the burned card with a new one or repair it in the service.
  • The farm can be set up at home — it is not very noisy, it is warming normally.
  • You can mine various cryptocurrencies — video cards support many different algorithms.
The disadvantages of farms are not so obvious, but also present:

  • To build, you need some kind of experience and direct hands. Burn the motherboard, processor or a couple of cards — just spit.
  • You need to be able to install the OS and software. Yes, it may seem funny, but nowadays not everyone knows how to install software on a computer.
  • Farms are quite cumbersome.
  • Usually they pay off longer than ASIC.

Pros of ASIC:

  • It works “out of the box”: got it, turned it on, drove a wallet in, started mining.
  • Pays off faster than farms.

    Cons ASIC:
    • It is long to wait for the next batch of devices to be ready at the factory, or to pay outbid double the price of the device.
    • A marriage happens, and replacing the ASIC with a new one is a rather difficult and not so cheap task. The eternal shortage of spare parts and long shipping will also not add enthusiasm to the owner of a faulty miner.
    • Even one ASIC is very noisy, so putting it in an apartment is not the best option. It is good if you have a non-residential premises.
    • The device generates a large amount of heat, so you need to add a one-time installation of good ventilation to the rent.
    • Typically, ASICs mine cryptocurrency using one or two algorithms. If the familiar ASIC algorithm becomes unpopular, the device will be worthless.
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