CoinFly Blog

Less routine in COS processes

Day and night we continue to work on making the life of the COS mining platform users easier. We’ve promptly dealt with the issues of the rig’s event log, corrected the way the dates are displayed during the system events registration, and added the ability to add an event manually. In the future, we plan to automate all the miners’ routine completely. Also, soon our users will be able to keep accounting and upload IFRS-compliant forms.

All of this is possible because COS is not just another product, but a part of a large ecosystem for projectable, transparent, and profitable mining. The architecture of the platform is focused on the future: it minds the development perspective and aims at smooth development and functionality expansion.

Keep in mind that COS is now in the beta stage, and that’s why the next two months you can use it for free. Besides, if you mine on the CoinFly pool, you will be able to see all telemetry and pool statistics in one window. Our pool’s fee is still 0% and your rewards are paid according to the PPS+ model.