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Changelog. Keep track of changes and upgrades to the COS



🔸 The workers report for anonymous pool users is now available
🔸 Fixed issues in the Riga event log for COS users
🔸 Optimized pool performance



🔸 Fixed bugs with launching COS-Live on rigs with NVIDIA 1660, 1050Ti video cards
🔸 Changes have been made to the activation process of rigs running COS-Live
🔸 Fixed bugs in cosagent startup scripts


⚠️ Changed the main address for connecting to the pool: ethereum.coinfly.cc:3072⚠️
🔸 It is now possible to connect to our pool using NiceHash power. Address to connect to: ethereum.coinfly.cc:3073
🔸 Fixed calculation of the total amount of all awards for all time in the general report .
🔸 Improved statistics on the portal for anonymous mining

⚙️ POOL ⚙️

🔸 We fixed problems with the dynamic difficulty of the share . In this way, the difficulty of the pool is adjusted to the power of specific equipment, approximating the indicators of the hashrate received by the pool and issued by the miner.
🔸 The performance of the pool has significantly increased, which means that it is ready to accept thousands of miners.
🔸 Bugs were found and fixed that led to the growth of reject shares.
⚠️ This new pool is now ready to start accepting miners and available at the new address ethereum.coinfly.cc:3072 ⚠️ this


🔸 Fixed the problem of unsynchronization of statistics nodes. Statistics periodically showed the value 0. now the problem is completely solved.

⚙️ POOL ⚙️

🔸 We have updated the section with instructions for setting up miners for an anonymous pool. Setup instructions: https://miner.coinfly.cc/ru/#/engage/pool-connection
🔸 Fixes have been released that improve the accuracy of statistics.

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