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New Tool: Income Calculator

The CoinFly pool is a fair pool with transparent billing. Still having doubts? Then meet our new tool - hashrate-based income calculator! The calculator makes tracking what calculations are performed within the pool very easy, it shows you what is divided and multiplied by what and where the estimated earnings come from. First time ever we are revealing the PPS+ CoinFly formula, which is now visible and transparent.

We also show those indicators that we use to carry out the calculations - network complexity and block reward. And we reveal why they are exactly like that. The block reward is averaged daily at 8 a.m. UTC, and the network complexity is measured hourly. From these indicators, the formula for the calculator is formed. In addition to this tool, we also use reports to demonstrate transparency and plan to develop other features.
Want to test our calculator? Go to the calculator.
It’s high time to do so as the CoinFly pool now works without commission!