CoinFly Advantages


  • 1. Download
  • 2. Create boot drive
  • 3. Install
  • 4. Start mining

COS features:

  1. 1. Custom made
    2. Lightweight
    3. Secure
    4. Full scale hardware monitoring capable
    5. Advanced User Notifications
    6. Auto drivers update
    7. Hardware performance optimization
    8. Hardware tuning (overclocking, power, cooling, power consumption).
  2.     Auto or manual optimization modes

CoinFly Portal

  1. 1. Sign in
    2. Register hardware
    3. Start mining!

CoinFly Portal features:

  • • Сentralized management of all infrastructure elements
    • Full duplex integration between all CoinFly elements
  • • Logging full telemetry: hardware, mining efficiency, yield rate, etc.
  • • Hardware monitoring, alerts, auto reboot, and emergency shutdown
  • • 100% security of digital assets
  • • DDoS protection for all public servers
  • • All transactions are encrypted by AES, the global encryption standard
  • • 24/7 support
  • • Accounting module complies with the IFRS
  • • Online analytical processing (OLAP) approach for the reporting.
  •   User can generate the report in any form required
  • • Full logs and statistics are available anytime with no restrictions
  • • Multilevel access control for different account users
  •   (admin, accountant, user, support, etc.)

CoinFly Mining Pool

  1. 1. Set the CoinFly pool for mining
    2. Get the best profit and bonuses!
    3. Start mining!

CoinFly Mining Pool features:

  1. 1. Unique computational complexity management feature to gain maximal hashrate
    2. Data centers located in 13 countries and 150 cities all over the globe
    3. Automatic switching to the fastest and closest servers
    4. All mining algorithms available for the public mining
    5. Instant switching for the most profitable coin to mine

CoinFly Hashpower exchange

  • • Don`t bother selecting coin to mine, just offer your hashpower
  •   for the maximal stable profit
  • • Need some more power to mine? Just rent hashing power for the best price!

CoinFly Hashpower exchange features:

  • 1. Hashpower offering for new coins and their transactions support
  • 2. Massive hashpower integration for new or popular coins mining
  • 3. Any volume of hashpower for lease
  • 4. Crypto startups support for PoW tasks resolution
  • 5. Any trader could order mining hashpower and sometimes mine coin up to 50%
  •     cheaper than purchase on the exchange

CoinFly Exchange

  • 1. Seamlessly convert any mined cryptocurrency into the desired one
  • 2. Withdraw to any preferred wallet anytime

CoinFly Exchange Features:

  • • Gateways to the Top20 crypto exchanges
  • • Currency exchange with the most profitable rate
  • • Simple conversion of mined currency into any digital asset
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Who are we and why should you choose CoinFly?

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