ALL IN ONE for miners


Afraid of getting into mining? Don't know how to make a profit? Connect to us. We have everything fair and square. Our commission is a small percent of your revenue. More in the video!

Full Auto
How it works?
We offer the proprietary operating system for rig management with the miner and the telemetry module. You can download it from our site for free.
Hardware tuning (overclocking, cooling, power consumption). Auto or manual optimization mode.
Online portal for centralized management of all the processes from anywhere in the world, at any given time. Hardware monitoring, alert, auto reboot and emergency shutdown.
Mining pool for the most profitable coin to mine and automatic mining profit optimization with the unique computational complexity management feature to gain maximal hash rate.
Accounting and management system that complies with the IFRS. Multilevel access control for different account users. Full logs and statistics are available anytime with no restrictions.
CoinFly doesn't store private keys which ensures 100% security of digital assets. DDoS protection for all public servers. All transactions are encrypted by AES, the global encryption standard.
Any volume of mining and transactions resolution hash power both for rent or lease. You could order mining hash power and mine coin up to 50% cheaper than purchase on the exchange.