Keep track of changes and updates to the COINFLY


ATTENTION! Important changes! The new version of COS requires manual reinstallation.
The old version of COS will continue to work, but will no longer receive automatic updates.
We recommend that you reinstall the system within the next month

What's new:

COS now supports AMD RX 6000 series cards(RX 6600, RX 6600XT, RX 6700XT, RX 6800XT, RX 6900XT). The driver has been updated to version 21.50.2
New miner - lolMiner
Added hashrate display for individual GPU
Started supporting connection restore with the telemetry hub
Fixed known issues when dragging rigs between racks in the rack map
New Coin - TON
Support for mining rigs with mixed equipment (Nvidia+AMD). We have fixed known issues and updated miners presets to work on such rigs.
Overclocking Guard now moves the rig from safe mode when simply resending the configuration (previously it was required that the configuration settings were different from the previous one)
Fixed downcloking issues
Fixed issues in the display of wallets and bonus accounts
Fixed rig display issues when switching between views
Fixed button status issues in the rig control menu
Fixed issues when deselecting batch rigs hardware profiles setting up
Localization improvement package (Russian, Chinese)
Bonus account. Now we have the opportunity to give a certain amount of bonuses to our dear users, which they will be able to use in the future to pay for the system fees. This is the first step before for the launch of the referral program
Fixed bugs in Overclocking Guard that prevented the installation of PL. We hope you noticed the performance gain
Updated the mining settings form. Editing of individual entities (miners, pools, wallets) is still available in one place, but the switching between "selection” and "editing" is more obvious. The behavior of the form has become clearer
Improved the system for detecting the exact model of video cards to bind the profiles of overclocking settings
The rig hashrate chart now shows accurate data
To register new users, we have added an optional field with a contact phone number for possible assistance from a personal consultant. So far, this feature is available for Russian-speaking users. If it turns out to be in demand, we will extend it to other regions as well

Added Overclocking guard settings. By default, if overclocking errors occur, overclocking guard will restart the entire system and switch the card settings to "safe mode" (default frequencies, PL - at minimum values)

- Now it is possible to disable the switching to "safe mode". I.e. after the restart, the system will try to set the overclocking settings set by the user again. This will be useful if errors occur rarely and you are confident in the selected mode

- You can disable the system restart. This can be useful when debugging
Users paid attention to oddities in the of AMD card model selection. The system shows a whole series instead of a specific model. We are working on a solution to this problem. In this release, we have carried out preparatory work and published auxiliary functionality. We will completely solve this problem in the next release
Fixed some bugs in the mining and hardware settings

Important update for Nvidia LHR card owners. We have updated T-Rex v0.24.5 and NBMiner v39.5 miners which will partially, but very significantly, increase the power used for mining. The settings for launching miners to bypass LHR locks are individual for different cards. But the main ones that allow you to add about 30%-40% to the power are already added to the built-in miners list
Updated Nvidia card drivers to version 470.74. Now COS supports more up-to-date hardware
Fixed a problem in captcha behavior after authorization errors
Fixed errors in the components of mining and hardware settings (Mining Pools, Miners, Power Limit)
Corrected the formula in the best-to-mine calculator, which led to errors in coins such as Raven (RVN)

Added Nanopool and NBMiner presets for mining new Ergo (ERG) and Conflux (CFX) coins
We noticed there were issues with launching COS with internet connectivity problems (for example, in China). In this update, the reliability of the startup is improved. We continue to monitor the situation together with our users
We have included a small update on the localization of the system in Chinese. We will continue localization in the next release
Fixed errors when activating the rigs at the first start that could occur on slow hardware
We continue to improve the wizard of mining settings. The changes affected both the appearance of the wizard and the behavior of individual elements - editing the miner and pool. We highlighted the built-in settings and made the behavior of the wizard editor more understandable
The settings of the watchdog have become clearer, thanks to the indication of units hashrate

Added updated versions of miners
- Phoenix (v. 56d)
- TeamRedMiner (v. 0.8.5)
- T-Rex (v. 0.22.1)

They are present in the system as separate miners (indicating the version), which you can select in your settings. If the feedback is positive, then in 2 weeks these versions will be fixed as the primary miners
We are closely following the wishes of our users and adding support for new popular coins. We have carried out preparatory work on the addition of Ergo (ERG) and Conflux (CFX). Coins are already available in the settings, but so far only with manual installations of miners and pools. Ready-made presets will be presented in the next release
We continue to improve the form of mining settings. This time, bugs were eliminated while simultaneously selecting a pre-installed (readonly) profile and customizing mining settings. For example, when choosing a wallet other than "Main"
Fixed a bug with getting system information about mining rig in real time. Incorrect receipt of the sysinfo at the initial stage could lead to incorrect settings of overclocking frequencies

We have noticed that often our new users do not notice the miners and pools that are pre-configured in the system. Therefore, we have configured a set of ready-made mining profiles with different combinations of coins/pools/miners. The list is rich, but not exhaustive. Feel free to create your own mining profiles
Important update of the mining settings form. We have worked out the built-in forms for editing wallets, pools and miners. Now they have become much clearer and more convenient
Our users encountered a bug when setting the frequency settings on rigs with mixed equipment (different GPU models at the same time). The problem is important and we have fixed it

We continue to work on the overclocking control system.
- We fixed a bug when resetting the settings after the driver crash
- Fixed a false error message when applying the memory frequency settings

The monitoring widget on the dashboard for new users often "hung up" (it worked too slowly). Fixed!

Not bad for 1 week since the last release?
We pay great attention to our user feedback and try to create an easy to use product together!


We are improving the tools for monitoring overclocking of equipment. A new step in this direction is the highlight of rigs and GPUs for which the frequencies set by the user do not correspond to the actual ones. This means that, most likely, such equipment does not work in an optimal mode.

In one of the next releases, we plan to improve the automatic control system for safe overclocking modes
We changed the color indication of the operating modes of the equipment, which will help to more clearly determine how much the equipment is loaded with computing work. The thresholds for the indication of critical states have been corrected
Fixed bugs in the new telemetry transmission system

We have completed the preparatory work for the appearance of a new metric in one of the next releases - the restarts of the miner. Follow the news


First launch of new rigs has become even easier. The web interface receives data about the rig's hardware as they connect without reloading the page
Improved processing performance of telemetry streams from rigs.
We have already improved the performance of the web interface and created a foundation for future optimization. This improvement is important for controlling large farms (hundreds and thousands of rigs!)
Fixed bugs with incorrect interpretation of the statuses of video cards turned off from the worker

Another optimization of the SmartFan algorithm for rigs with a large number of cards

We have finalized the group (batch) application of mining profiles. The system helps to distribute configuration profiles based on the type of equipment
We know that very often there are cards of different models in the rigs of our users. We have improved the tool for grouping video cards by model for more convenient management of settings profiles

Rack map. New functionality for large farms. Now you can place Racks on the planogram and indicate their location to the rigs. This will help the engineers at the site to control the rigs, taking into account their physical location
Another useful tool for large farms is the batch application of equipment configuration profiles. The system will automatically identify and group the selected rigs by map models. It remains only to assign profiles
Improvements in the form of mining settings. Simplified saving of changes to the pool, miner and wallet settings

Improved stability of the rig activation service


The agent now controls the application of overclocking settings, and if they lead to failures, switches the equipment to the default mode
Fixed errors in counting shares from the miners

Fixed errors in the application of mining profiles

We have made important changes to the
Smart Fan algorithm. Improved the reliability of operation in this mode

Improved the convenience of managing wallets in the mining settings. We paid attention to the difficulties faced by new users and eliminated them

We have made improvements to the localization of the interface

We carried out preparatory work for a new feature - shelving.
Keep an eye on the next release!


It was important for us to focus on the new process. However, these are not all the changes and improvements that we have put in this release. What else is new:
There is a new placeholder {rigname} in the miners ' settings. Now the statistics on the pools show the names of the rigs

An additional coefficient of electricity consumption was introduced in the hardware settings. Now COS calculates the power consumption more accurately


We have released an important update in which we have completely revised the process of installation and activation of rigs running COS.
Now the installation image of the system is available for direct download, and it can be burned by any software convenient for the user (etcher, rufus, dd) from under any operating system.

To activate the rigs on the farm, a short code is provided, which must be entered at the first start of the rig. Time code generation is available:

- in the dashboard

Installing COS has become more familiar, easier and faster!


Fixed configuration bugs when physically changing video cards in rigs
Fixed a captcha for logging in from regions with restricted Internet access (China)

Fixed bugs with default settings profiles

Fixed the calculation of income on the dashboard
Added a support widget

Fixed disk telemetry display

Fixed problems with incorrect accounting of rig statuses

Simplified the process of switching to downloading the flash drive installation utility

Installation flash drive preparation utility: improved image loading stability and fixed problems with preparing the LiveUSB version on some machines


Fixed the display of the hashrate graph on the dashboard
Fixed bugs when creating and making changes to hardware profiles

Improved agent connection stability

Fixed problems when receiving telemetry on a large number of rigs


We added a feedback form. We try to make the best product for mining and the opinion of our users is very important to us
Fixed bugs in fan control modes

Improved the stability of the connection of rigs with our servers

Significantly accelerated the application of hardware overclocking settings

Added saving overclocking parameters to hardware profiles. At the same time, we had to abandon the universal profiles in favor of specific for each GPU model


Redesigned the delivery process for system component changes. Now the COS can be delivered once, and all the necessary updates will be applied automatically without the need for any manual operations on the site
We expand the capabilities of the "event log", which broadcasts errors from rigs, and allow you to quickly diagnose possible problems

The problem of reliable connection of rigs with our servers has been solved

Fixed some known issues in working with the new miners

Important security policy change! In the next update, we will stop supporting access to the rigs via SSH using a username and password. SSH access is only possible with a key. To set the access key to the rig farms, pay attention to the Settings/Form section. This functionality is already available in the new version

COS 1.0!


COS works correctly with external pools. We added default pools:
- Sparkpool ETH EU, Ethermine ETC EU, HiveON ETC RU
COS expands the list of miners. We work with:
- Ethminer, PhoenixMiner, T-Rex miner

With support of PhoenixMiner, we now support LTC mining. This will be useful for owners of rigs with old (less than 4gb) video cards. We will continue to expand the list of supported coins

We have updated the drivers and fixed issues with AMD card support


USB Live. Now this is a full-fledged version of COS. I.e., a rig registered from this flash drive can safely mine directly from it. On subsequent restarts, the configuration and all settings are saved

Pool: We moved to another more productive blockchain node. The expected result of this innovation is an increase in the chances of finding blocks
Solved the problem of showing statistics

Solved the problem of potential double payouts

Finished implementing the Asic T17. Moving on to testing/debugging with partners (in our asset S17, T17)


Pool: We have made corrections to the calculation of the unpaid balance and the payment system. For unpaid shares, the block reward that was in effect when the shares were registered is taken into account. In other words, the "bouncing balance" effect that our users were paying attention to has been eliminated
Pool: Fixed the issue with automatic sending of payouts. The system is back in operation and does not require manual intervention. We continue to monitor the results


COS: Fixed issues with setting up overclocking/downvolting for GPUs
COS: ASIC Antminer S17 - created mining setup and sending of basic commands

COS: Fixed the issue with telemetry stability sent from rigs

Pool: rolled out a promo giving +10% to the blockaward


Released our own profit calculator -
Improved pool connection section - added support for different node locations, added US node to map


The workers report for anonymous pool users is now available
Fixed issues in the rig event log for COS users

Optimized pool performance


Fixed bugs with launching COS-Live on rigs with NVIDIA 1660, 1050Ti video cards
Changes have been made to the activation process of rigs running COS-Live

Fixed bugs in cosagent startup scripts


Changed the main address for connecting to the pool:
It is now possible to connect to our pool using NiceHash power. Address to connect to:

Fixed calculation of the total amount of all awards for all time in the general report

Improved statistics on the portal for anonymous mining


We fixed problems with the dynamic difficulty of the share. In this way, the difficulty of the pool is adjusted to the power of specific equipment, approximating the indicators of the hashrate received by the pool and issued by the miner
The performance of the pool has significantly increased, which means that it is ready to accept thousands of miners

Bugs were found and fixed that led to the growth of reject shares

This new pool is now ready to start accepting miners and available at the new address

Fixed the problem of unsynchronization of statistics nodes. Statistics periodically showed the value 0. now the problem is completely solved


We have updated the section with instructions for setting up miners for an anonymous pool. Setup instructions.
Fixes have been released that improve the accuracy of statistics

6.3@14535 beta

NBMiner v27.5 (fixed high ETH reject rate on certain pools when mining HNS+ETH, slightly improved mining HNS+ETH on Nvidia GPUs)
XMRig (unified) v5.8.1 (added new AstroBWT algorithm for upcoming DERO fork)

SRBMiner: fixed some issues with miner restart after fault and log file rotation

Improved statistics on the portal for anonymous mining

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